If you or a family member has lost one or more teeth, you’re already aware of the importance of teeth for a person’s appearance, diet, health and sense of well-being. For proper speaking, chewing and eating, and for maintaining proper alignment, all teeth must work together. Dental bridges provide the best solution for missing teeth.

Teeth are very important, and missing teeth can easily be replaced. If tooth loss can’t be avoided, the lost teeth should be replaced in order to allow proper functioning of your mouth as well as to improve your overall sense of well-being.

Fortunately, here at Smile Reflections there are plenty of options to help correct tooth loss, including the best dental bridges in Tucson. We’ll quickly have you smiling again.


A dental bridge is a device that serves to replace any missing teeth. Dental bridges are sometimes called “partial dentures.” Bridges are used to attach artificial teeth to your adjacent natural teeth (“abutment teeth”). Bridges may be either attached permanently (“fixed”), or they may be removable or temporary.

We applied fixed dental bridges either by placing crowns over the abutment teeth, or by bonding the replacement teeth directly onto the abutment teeth. The removable bridges are applied to teeth by using metal clasps or with precision attachments.


The form and function of your mouth are critically important. A dental bridge not only holds teeth, it also supports the lips and cheeks of the mouth. It preserves the shape of the mouth and face. Missing teeth may cause speech difficulties, and may also lead to medical problems.

Scientific studies have shown that bridges minimize the risks of gum disease after tooth loss. So, dental bridges can help solve or avoid numerous issues.


A strict routine of brushing and flossing will help keep your bridge and the surrounding teeth clean. Good maintenance of the bridge will help all your teeth.

At Smile Reflections, we offer Tucson’s best bridgework. We can repair your teeth and provide you with a strong bridge to support them.

You’ll smile more easily when your teeth are beautiful and strengthened with a bridge.